Mistakes that Every First Time Investor Makes


Buying when the price is low and selling when it is high is a cliché which has made many people invest in stock markets with a lot of expectations and get disappointed later. Equity trading today is a not rocket science but at the same time not east. A lot goes around making it the best decision possible and tame the market volatility for optimum returns. This is why without equity trading companies to help you make the right decision, you can make regular mistakes again and again. The following are equity trading blunders which most new investors always make.

No portfolio diversification

Failure to diversify your investment is the greatest mistake. Although it is recommended by every investor, most first time traders who run after day trading usually overlook this basic rule. They tend to put all the money in a single niche or company and bear a higher risk of losing than those who spread out their investment.portfoloidiversification

Driving straight to the day trading

This is not usually for everyone and anyone. Most investors lose thousands of dollars each day. Unless you have an impeccable strategy and you understand the market, it is more of a gamble where there are chances that you will spend much beyond what you budget for and end up being broke.

Short term vision

Never attempt to make money on the stock market because the assumption is you do not know, they can close the market the next day and open five years later. This is what the great Warren Buffet advice. Your vision should be long-term, and this will help you become a billionaire from your future investment. Entering stock marts with short-term visions is not a good idea and will come along with lots of risks.

Believing in rumors

One important thing which distinguishes good investors from beginners is the fact that they know what to they should believe and what not. Stock markets are usually full of rumors which are normally created by people for their own sake. Such news is hardly true and has to be overlooked. Distinguishing between such bluffs and truth is a technique which will first-time investors have to learn.

Unrealistic expectations

expectationsMost new investors tend to have the top expectations from stock marketing which end up doing no good but disappointing them exceptionally later. Equity trading is never a quick-money scheme. Most investors did not make their money after few trades, but it took time and a large amount of money as well as patience.

These are some of the common mistakes that you need to avoid as a first-time investor in equity trading.